Bucchi Academy: new internship opportunities for young and students

Bucchi Academy: new internship opportunities for young and students

Always committed to vocational training promotion, BUCCHI s.r.l. proposed again internship courses and work-linked trainings for young and students of the territory.

The purpose is enriching technical and transversal skills of high school students, that had the possibility to choose BUCCHI s.r.l. for their internships.
In latest summer months, trainees flanked Bucchi’s staff into the Technical Office – studying and designing the development of new products – into the Workshop – to understand all the production and operative process, from logistics to technical application – and, from this years, into Technological Innovation Department, as support for the implementation of new management system.

Work-linked training get an educational strategy in which the business play a complementary role to classroom and workshop in students education, contributing to realize an organic link between school system and labour market.