Development of the range of fittings for threaded hose nozzles: straight, curved, M and F

Development of the range of fittings for threaded hose nozzles: straight, curved, M and F 

Always directed at providing new technical solutions for its customers, to understand their specific needs and guarantee personalisation and flexibility, BUCCHI S.r.l. has developed and widened its range of straight, curved, M and F hose nozzles.
“We are convinced that one of the keys to success for our company is keeping up with the future by understanding market needs, also targeting our development and expansion of the range, a further essential factor for our success. It is with pride that in 2020 we communicate the development of new straight and curved hose connectors, certain to satisfy customers’ needs and needs. ”
Words by Omar calderoni, Head of the technical office of BUCCHI S.r.l.

Here is the full range of new hose nozzle fittings. The technical data sheet showing dimensions and connection standards is available in the Product area of the website:

Straight M hose nozzles in Polypropylene or Nylon
The hose nozzle fittings with gas thread, codes 0200130, 0400130, 0800130 have excellent pressure characteristics and maximum operating temperature. The ISO 228/1 connection standard is adopted to improve the hydraulic seal and is based on threading which presents a slightly tapered shape.

Pass through straight M hose nozzles in polypropylene
The hose nozzles code 0400673, with external cylindrical GAS thread UNI ISO 228/1 allow an operating pressure of 6 bar at 20°C, and maximum operating temperature of 80°C.

Straight F hose nozzle with fixed ring nut
The fittings 0200833, 0400833, 0800833 are straight hose nozzles for DN pipe, with female threaded end for fixed ring nut G; in Polypropylene PP or Polyamide (nylon 66) PA. Available in various sizes.

90° curved hose nozzle in polypropylene: codes 0200131, 0400131, 0800131. The curved hose nozzles are available in various measurements and dimensions and feature excellent technical and mechanical characteristics.