14 October 2019

Romagna Business Matching, Cesena Fair

Held last October 9th at Cesena Fair, Romagna Business Matching is the event organized by Confindustria Romagna in collaboration with CONNEXT.
In its second edition, the initiative brought together many realities, from Romagna and beyond, creating a real networking meeting and sharing.

Participation in the exhibition event allowed BUCCHI s.rl. to introduce its products and services to a wide stage, composed of companies in the sector, B2B companies, up to public administrations and associations. An important opportunity to establish contacts, propose oneself to the right interlocutors and meet potential customers.

Several thematic drivers guide the event: from the Green and sustainability sector, dedicated to the environment, renewable energy and circular economy, to consumer sectors (food & wine, fashion, furnishing), up to the most innovative themes, from the digital and web world to the start up. An event not purely expositive but above all digital, in line with the criteria adopted by Confindustria at national level: through the digital marketplace Bucchi obtained an important online showcase, and met potential partners through dedicated meetings.

18 September 2019

BUCCHI s.r.l. at GIS Expo, October 3rd-5th in Piacenza

The only italian fair specialized and dedicated to lifting, handling and special transport operators: GIS Expo wil take place to Piacenza’s exhibition centre from 3rd to 5th October. An important opportunity for BUCCHI s.r.l. to promote and introduce QJ – Quick Joints® to industry, the range of quick joins coupling fitting for tanks in polypropylene or brass, with patented technology.
An extremely versatile range that embrace several fields thanks to the raw materials used for seals and bodies: particularly indicated also for tanks in hydraulic field and for pumps, cylinders and other components.
In fact, between the main industry sectors of the fair there also is componentry: Bucchi could meet qualified visitors sponsoring QJ® fittings in a targeted and selected way.

With over 300 direct expositors and 370 brands, this 7th GIS edition are expected to partecipate above 11.000 visitors. The 33.000mq expositive area will be flanked by a series of technical seminars and conferences, organized with the support of principal trade association and of the most important national and international companies which will update participants on last technological and regualtory developments of the sector.

We will wait for you from 3rd to 5th October at PAD. 2 O1a

Discover all advantages and characteristics of professional specific connector QJ®  watching the video!

31 july 2019

QJ®, the plug-in hose connector for tanks MF

A new range extension for Quick Joints®, the professional and patented Bucchi hose that, among its specific features, has speed, simplicity and versatility. Thanks to its ease of use, QJ® can be grafted directly from the outside on tanks walls in only 3 seconds by a single person, without the need for maintenance, welding, sealants or internal lock nuts.

The recent range extension of Quick Joints® with body extent in polypropilene and EPDN, NBR, VITON seals, allows to have a female passing thread over the traditional male thread on exit from tank. The female passing thread allows an easy clutch of floats and junctions within the tank. On body connector there also is a key plug with who is possible to prevent connector anti-rotation during the graft of male component into reduced female thread.
The range extension confirms QJ® as an highly innovative product, resistant and safe for any usage environment, with a performing design which guarantees hydraulic sealing until 4 bar.

Range: 2”x1”1/2 – 1”1/2×1”1/4 – 1”1/4×1”  – 1”x3/4”  – 3/4″x1/2”  – 1/2″x3/8”
Discover all advantages and characteristics of professional specific connector QJ®  watching the video!

1 july 2019

Work-related experience told by a Bucchi Academy student

For many years now Bucchi srl works with some of local high schools to promote work-related projects. This year in particular, the company internship carried out by a student of ITCG Compagnoli institute for the second consecutive year, allow him not only to better understand the operative business method but also to operatingly take part into production process, flanked by technical and workshop departments staff.

“Internship allow me to apply knowledge acquired last year, improving the activity of cataloging moulds and assigning specific code to elements that form them: matrix, pins, anchors. From using simple excel spreadsheet, to designing possible elements configuration and disposition, the activity of printing moulds gave me the opportunity to see and understand the production process and the methodology with who moulds are made, supported by corporate staff”.

These some of intern’s considerations, proving his satisfaciton about his work-related period and showing how the promotion of vocational training, the proximity to the terrritory, the attention to young people and business culture confirm them as core values of the company, leader in tubes, junctions and plastic systems production.

16 may 2019

A new business LinkedIn page for BUCCHI s.r.l.

A spread online presence is an essential need for any company by now: for this reason, Bucchi decided to open an own business account on LinkedIn too, in addition to the other social profiles, from YouTube channel to Facebook page.
LinkedIn platform, historically used from single user to show skills, professional experiences and extend personal contacts network, is more and more qualifying itself as the most important professional community worldwide, in which also business accounts can have a significant space. With 500 millions of connected users and over 9 millions of company, LinkedIn is in sixth position between platforms with the highest percentage of active users in Italy. The potential offers to companies with a complete and successful online presence are different: first, the possibility to build relationships and expand own connections and professional collaborations.

Bucchi s.r.l. will use its business account as interaction and promotion medium to increase the business visibility, tell its own story, engage costumers and followers, improve the brand building, share contents from its website and communicate product and service news.

27 march 2019

Bucchi innovations in quick piping junction

Bucchi technological reaserch has always been oriented to growth and innovation, in order to complement, preview and answer to a constantly evolving market needs.
For these reasons, BDFast®, BDFast® COMPACT and Quick Joints®, as highly innovative products with surprisingly versatiles technical, functional and using characteristics, represent the immediate response to any needs.

By removing the usage of traditional cable tie, fittings for quick pipings junction of BDFast® e BDFast® COMPACT hoses represent the ideal solution in different application fields: industrial, shipbuilding, agriculture, gardening, thanks to its ease of use, great mechanical, chimical strenght and reduced temperature toughness.

Ease and speed of use are some of main QJ – Quick Joints® characteristics too, quick joins coupling fitting range for polypropylene or brass tanks, with patented technology. The fitting is directly installed from outside, does not need weld, sealants or internal locknuts and can be easily installed by a single person in about 3 seconds.

All product characteristics, materials, colours, application fields, performance and advantages, until installation instructions are easily accessible by downloading the complete catalogue Innovation from our website.

28 february 2019

Legality rating, index of ethical corporate behaviour


Introduced in 2012 for italian companies, legality rating aims to promote and introduce ethical behaviour principles in business. The recognition got from BUCCHI srl represents an important indicator of respecting high legality standards and the degree of attention that a company put in its own business management.

AGCM, Authority Guarantor of Competition and Market, confirms the attribution of rating to business which request it and attributes them a score between one and maximum three stars. The request can be done by company located in Italy with a minimum annual turnover and duly registered in Business Register: in addition, the company must also meet some requirements dictated by a precise implementing regulation, like not having served sentences or criminal judgments, respecting safety and health standards on workplace, not having violate contributive terms.

Legality rating has biennial validity and represents an important recognition also for the purpose of funding by general governments and of access to bank credit.

25 january 2019

A product selection dedicated to designers and technicians

Meet our costumers and partners’ needs has always been a Bucchi’s guiding principle: a website easily useful and user experience oriented today is an absolute necessity for any company. In order to implement its services, Bucchi’s website gets rich with a new area, where with a simple log in it is possibile to download all range 3d designs products.

The products download take place with a simple registration, as a result of which a personal password is received: so technicians, designers and costumers can download and save the 3d maths of the searched product, both in .step and in .jps format.

Few simple clicks to have detailed information, technical characteristics, requirements and information about al quality standards of Bucchi’s products. A service for the benefit of partners and designers, that bestly represents the philosophy and the products that the company offers in production of connections, tubes and agriculture, gardening, industry and plumbing and heating field.

22 december 2018

Bucchi got Cribis Prime Company

Cribis Prime Company is the maximum evaluation level of commercial reliability for a company and it is released only and exclusively to companies which constantly maintain an high reliability and virtuous in payment to suppliers.

The important certification has been received last November 22nd and it is based on Cribis Rating, a dinamic indicator always updated on business reliability, recognised at about 8% of italian companies. The indicator, based on a static algorithm, measures the probability that a company could incur commercial unpaids: different variables are used for the calculation, including biographical information, index and balance sheet datas, working senority, payment experiences, presence of negative information.

The award is released by Crif Group, specialized in development and management of credit references, business information and credit solutions. With this certification, Bucchi strengthens its mission, aimed at continued improvement of its performances and this is the confirmation of an high financial soundness level. The high business and commercial reliability are issues strictly linked to topics like credit and balance sheet datas management, compliance with deadlines and payments and so represent a guarantee for those who choose Bucchi s.r.l. as trading partner.


22 november 2018

Great success for BUCCHI s.r.l. at EIMA International

Held from November 7th to 11th in Bologna Fair, 43° EIMA International edition concluded with excellent results, up on previous editions: 317 thousand visitors and over 50 thousand operators from 150 nations.
The Fair has a leading role in farm machinery all over the world and it is an important meeting for BUCCHI s.r.l. that, for this year also, has had the opportunity to get in touch with new costumers and develop new business occasions.
Its presence at EIMA has proved to be a fundamental opportunity for dialogue and the measuring of costumers and partners satisfaction level. Ultimately, a lot of positive feedbacks, development occasions and new business, thanks to the presentation of new innovative products placed on the market and recent range extensions at the Fair.

Therefore, not only components and farm machinery but also high technological level, innovation and attention for sensitive issues like environmental and security that characterise the company forever, intercepting market needs and understanding new field needs. During the event, Bucchi’s staff has also had the opportunity to organize meeting with agents and to celebrate company’s 45th birthday.

October 10th 2018

EIMA International: Bologna, November 7th – 11th

One of the most important events of international scenario in agriculture and gardening field.The Expo, in its 43rd edition, will be take place in Bologna Exhibition: a 375.000 mq total area will host about 1900 exhibitors from 50 countries.

An extremely important date for BUCCHI s.r.l. to meet national and international biggest players, to be constantly updated on new market needs and to intercept a wider public of economic operators, farmers and mechanisation technicians.

This year the exposition, organized into 14 product sectors, is structured into 6 topic halls with a special focus on agriculture 4.0 and strategic themes about parts industry future, garden and green care, new irrigation technologies, liquids treatment and water management. EIMA Components is a key point for Bucchi in order to the expose the wide range of spare parts and agriculture mechanic accessories and to intercept differents fields offers into the Fair.
We will wait for you in Bologna Fair: Hall 22, Stand A/67.

September 23th 2018

Bucchi Academy: new internship opportunities for young and students

Always committed to vocational training promotion, BUCCHI s.r.l. proposed again internship courses and work-linked trainings for young and students of the territory.

The purpose is enriching technical and transversal skills of high school students, that had the possibility to choose BUCCHI s.r.l. for their internships.

In latest summer months, trainees flanked Bucchi’s staff into the Technical Office – studying and designing the development of new products – into the Workshop – to understand all the production and operative process, from logistics to technical application – and, from this years, into Technological Innovation Department, as support for the implementation of new management system.

Work-linked training get an educational strategy in which the business play a complementary role to classroom and workshop in students education, contributing to realize an organic link between school system and labour market.

August 23th 2018

New range widening: IBC tanks adaptors

IBC tanks for storage and transport of water liquid (aggressive also) are gaining a foothold in agriculture, food, industrial sector, until gardening and open air. The advantage of this containers, often reclaimed, is about its general process efficency: from the removal of equipment washing and repairing operations, to a greater control on liquid contained, until a costs riduction in the logistics chain.

Bucchi’s adaptors and junction sets for IBC tanks are the perfect solution for tanks connection, liquid diversion and interception, for domestic use also.
New adaptors – through which is possible to create female or male exits according to need – add to the standard range, which already contains several articles for the connection of these adaptors (ball valves, taps, caps, skull caps and threaded fittings).

Bucchi’s adaptors allow to turn DIN 513 sawtooth threads into threads in inches (ISO 228/1), qualitatively best suited to ensure plumbing held, as well as a connection standard more common on the market. More common external measures of IBC tanks male threads (60,75,100mm) are from now available into Bucchi’s range to be converted into ¾”, 1”, 1”1/2 e 2”.

July 19th 2018

Bucchi’s business unit: patented agents as company partners 

Guessing and understanding market and costumers’ real needs in order to satisfy them is Bucchi’s goal. We highly value relationships with people, by supporting all level company organization: costumers, staff, agents and suppliers.

Agents in first place are the basic mediators for company success, real company partners and loyalty process strenght: for this reason our business unit is composed by expert and qualified agents, always asisted by Sales and Area Responsibles in their activity.

We believe that a satisfied partner represents the real Bucchi’s resource and that understanding market needs should be the starting point and the focus to reach business aims. For this reason, taking notes of agents’ opinions and inputs is fundamental: frequently, product design, new solutions reaserch, corporate innovations development start from this know-how, important to our confirmation as benchmark for developers and companies of different fields in which we operate.

The business strategy we are persuing is to engage and motivate our partners, by sharing intents, aims and business values thanks to formative days and weekend, product and services refresher courses, days at the stand in which specialist will flank agents to clarify their doubts and meet the curiosities emerged in stores.

June 26th 2018

Maximum usage versatility for new GAS threading seal fillers

A new range extension for BUCCHI s.r.l., intending to completely satisfy market and costumers’ needs of greater versatility and flexibility. New fillers range, whose peculiarity is GAS threading seal used to facilitate junction attachment, allows an easier connection to different type of machines.

New BUCCHI’s fillers are perfectly adequate to european standard that use GAS threading ISO 228/1: they can be easily coupled with products on the market such as seal and bi-seal valve, collectors or half fillers already installated on machineries. Maximum usage versatility that proves company’s continued reaserch in building and integrating easier connections for existing machineries.

New fillers range covers all BUCCHI’s product lines and so it can be used for many different applications: from 8000 and 7000 Lines, respectively dedicated to industry and chemical industry, to 4000 Outdoor & Gardening Line, until 51 Line for cold water plumbing. For threading connection, BUCCHI s.r.l. uses ISO 228/1 as standard: in order to improve the hydraulic hold, it was decided to realize an own internal regulatory, based on a threading presenting a light conicity on male thread.


May 21th 2018

The complete QJ fittings range


QJ – Quick Joints® is the range of quick coupling fitting for tanks in polypropylene or brass, designed to combine technlogy and innovation. QJ fittings, with patented technology, are market-oriented to meet any needs and can be used in different application fields: from agriculture machinery to automotive and industrial plants, from shipbuilding to caravan industry, until chemical toilets to waste water treatment tanks.

An extremely versatile range, covering many fields thanks to raw materials used for gaskets and bodies; in particular EPDM for water, NBR for oils and gas olis, VITON for petrol and acid.

One of the first Quick Joints characteristics is the ease and speed of use: the fitting can be installed on tank walls straight from the outside, does not needs welding, sealants or locknut. The installation can easily done from only one person in few seconds. It does not request maintenance and, thanks to its great resistence to jump in temperature, stress, vibrations, corrosion and weather conditions, it guarantees a long duration in any kind of space and an excellent seal: gaskets design guarantees an hydraulic seal until 4 bar.

Look at the video to discover all the advantages and the characteristics of professional specific fitting Qj !


March 30th 2018

New fittings for 4000 Outdoor & Gardening Line

0400650_0400370New 4000 Line fittings become Bucchi’s product range cornerstone because they are the perfect solutions for self-made fields, gardening, hobby, as well as all varieties agriculture sector.

Within two or three pieces rotating fittings family, Bucchi realized and produced 2 new fittings, in black polypropylene, dedicated to pump fitting range strengthening.

New fittings both meet the needs of large retailers, thanks to their ease of use for final consumers, and pump largest contractors request, which receive a finished product, ready to be applied on the machine.

Born to replace the old metal products, new Bucchi’s fittings prove its continued research for innovative and up with the time solutions, with particular attention to the environment.

In addition to being recyclable, light and cheap, new fittings can boast other important technical characteristics including acid inertia, corrosion absence and an extended duration.

February 26th  2018

MCE, Mostra Convegno Expocomfort: Milan, March 13-16th

mceAlmost ready for next MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort edition, world leader biennial exhibit in civil and industrial plant building, air-conditioning and renewable energy, planned from 13 to 16th March in Milan Fair.

Among 1600 company exhibitors Bucchi s.r.l. cannot miss to show and promote its fittings, tube- fitting systems in thermoplastic for liquid conveying, adduction and distribution.

Hot, cold, water and energy are the principal subjects of Expocomfort 2018 that this year is expected to attract over 150.000 professional operators from all over the world: a great opportunity to discorver all technological trends of a market constantly evolving.

In this edition the central theme will be the technological innovation as products and processes digitalization, the integration between electrical and heating systems, traditional and renewable energy sources. Advanced systems able to guarantee air quality, comfort, energy saving and resources optimization according to different needs of the built environment: from single houses to apartament buildings, from industrial warehouses to big shopping centres.

We will be waiting for you at Hall 11, Stand A53


January 31st 2018

BUCCHI s.r.l. at CIFAC, International Exhibition of  refrigeration, air conditioning and heating

cifacThe 5th edition of International Exhibition of  refrigeration, air conditioning and heating will take place next February 14th in Casablanca – Morocco. Bucchi s.r.l. can’t miss this event in order to develop its own commercial strategies and to reinforce the already in place relationships in the North African country.

The Exhibition will host all leads of this field: producers, distributors, installers, engineers and final users which will confront about principal air conditioning, ventilation and air quality, refrigeration, heating and regulations innovations.

The Exhibition will also have a rich plan of thematical conferences dedicated to the different fields aiming to gather national and international specialists, illustrate technological news from air conditioning, create networking opportunities.

At CIFAC, Bucchi srl will be able to streghten its competitive position into the North African market, especially by promoting tech evolution and tech HIDRAULICO systems, particullary appropriate for markets that care of water as primary asset.


December 19th 2017

Agritechnica 2017: an important participation for BUCCHI s.r.l.

HannoverHeld from November 12th to 18th in Hannover Exhibition Centre, Agritechnica is the worldwide reference fair about innovation and agriculture mechanisation.

Over 2800 exhibitors from 53 countries, an extremely high level exhibition program and an international technical program with conferences and roundtables about agriculture. Bucchi stand cannot miss this and was there in HALL 21, the area towards “Green Future – Smart Technology”.

Innovation and smart technology, basis of Bucchi’s mission, is a theme always oriented to provide and develop technical solutions ables to meet market different needs, with a flexible offer of products and services.

Agritechnica allows BUCCHI s.r.l. to come into contact with many client and potential ones, discussing about final users different needs in agriculture and systems for agriculture machines fields.

It also was an important and significant experience from updating point of view to be informed about latest trends which aim at production increase in accordance with environment and his resources, thanks to new available technologies in agriculture field.


November 27th 2017

New BUCCHI drum connection kits

immagine-news-depliantKITAlways attentive to research and development of innovative and flexible solutions for every need, Bucchi s.r.l. praises new IBC container connection kits as one of his most important products. It represents the perfect solutions for tanks, liquid decanting and interception.

Adaptors and specific fittings by Bucchi are extremely versatiles and fitted for a wide variety of applications.

Another essential characteristics of new kits is the attention in connection with container for  diesel and oil, chemical susbtances and water use

From IBC container connections, which allow gas threaded ports, to innovative BDFast connections for flexible tubes, until quick couplings fittings for QJ tanks which allow the insertion of threaded connection directly from the outside of the container, Bucchi’s products prove the company mission: combining the attention for quality to the continuous reasearch of innovative solutions.


October 25th 2017

Agritechnica 2017: Hannover, 12th-18th November

agritechnicaWorldwide show-case of agriculture machinery, Agritechnica – The World’s No.1 will open its doors at Hannover Exhibition Centre on next 12 November: over than 2.800 exhibitors companies coming from 53 countries.

BUCCHI s.r.l. cannot miss, of course: it will be attending with its stand to show and promote its own product lines about agriculture.


Scheduled from 12 to 18 November, Agritechnica is considered to be the most important agriculture machinery fair and this year it will be dedicated to innovation and to the subject of “Green future – smart technology” .

An important occasion for the company to promote quick joins coupling fitting for tanks QJ diesel use, BD Fast line and BD Fast Compact, adapters and kit for IBC tanks, until new fitting (straight, 90°, T and Y shapes).

Highly innovative systems, combining product quality and simplicity of use, technology and innovation (as Bucchi core values), answering to the increasingly complex needs of agriculture market.

September 11th, 2017

Attention to young people and work-linked training projects


Attentive in persuing the concept of business culture, BUCCHI s.r.l. has always collaborated with many colleges ot the territory in order to promote work-linked training projects.

This year the company has hosted studends from Vocational School, section ITIS Marconi and from Lugo High School Science Ricci Curbastro. The guys, who did interships and alternations of up to 5 month in garage departments and technical offices, could had been able to get closer to the world of work, by supporting their tutors in the different products production and design phases.

Firmly convinced of the importance of a strong presence and a link with the territory, the business management will continue to promote the vocational training in the idea that  work-linked trainings represent a flexible tool and an opportunity, both for students and for the same company.

Oh the one hand, a different modality of knowledges and competences acquisition  not only by traditional school education, fully meet the new formation needs of young people, by backing up theory, practice and operativity.

On the other hand, the compagny can improve its own internal organization and collaboration process, allowing the territory to know its reality.


August 4th, 2017

Also BUCCHI s.r.l. to Casa Italia Showrom in Dubai


Constantly oriented to the internationalization and the expansion to growing foreign markets, Bucchi company can boast a partnership with Casa Italia – Italian Luxury Lifestile in Dubai for about a year. The Casa Italia Showrom represents the italian design in the United Arab Emirates for over 30 years: a permanent exhibition space,  located in one of the most strategic and commercial areas of the city showing some of the italian leaders companies in luxury design, home furnishing, building and accessories. Casa Italia society, with who Bucchi s.r.l. activated the partnership about a year ago, decided to offer their costumers a complete pack, connecting luxury furniture and design to high quality systems as the 9000 line by Bucchi.

9000 line tubes and fittings, thanks to their versatility and the innovative system tech evolution®  , represent flagships products for hot and cold water circulation into the United Arab Emirates market and into plumbing and industrial plant building fields.

Together with his presence in Dubai, BUCCHI s.r.l. attends at the most important Middle East construction fair: “The Big 5 – International Building & Construction Show”.

An event about building and furnishing that, for over 36 years, has linked thousands of costurmers and provider at Dubai’s World Trade Centre so that BUCCHI s.r.l. cannot miss it, always persuing his willingness to make new contacts and conclude external trade relashionships.

July 18th 2017

2000 and 8000 line:

fittings for any kind of needs


Polypropylene fittings Line 2000 – The original and Line 8000 – PVC free are one of Bucchi’s product excellence.

The company is carring on  a technological research growth-oriented by understanding the needs of the market in order to keep up with the future.

Born in the late 1970s as material innovation, polyamide PA 66 fittings are compatible with the contact of liquid for human consumption according to 10/2011 EU regulation and 1935/2004 EC Regulation for non-acid acqueous products, including drinking water, products containing alchool,  fats with any weather conditions and temperatures under 40°C. That is one of the reason why this components, developed from a deep knowledge and a many years experience gained in application within countries of Western Europe. This successfully solutions, are representing the real alternative at the metal use.

The 8000 line polypropylene fittings instead, born in the late 1980s, converted already stated PVC products into new polypropylene ones, providing the ideal solution in several industrial applications regarding coupling and connection wherever hot, food processing, or corrosive liquids are used.

In these latest years ,BUCCHI s.r.l. is even more expanding this two product lines in order to give properly answer to any kind of needs: new formats and measures, innovative designs so that these products can have an increasing and a comprehensive application development, from industry, to hydraulics, industrial plant building, until nautical.

 Visit the product section of our website and enter as search keyword “NEW”, it will show all our news!

June 12th 2017

New place of business in Morocco


With the opening of the new Rabat city showroom, occurred last January, BUCCHI s.r.l. continues his internationalization process turning to the north-african state. BUCCHI s.r.l. is partner of the business network “Emilia in Morocco”, born to support companies determined to invest in a country with a booming in industry and in building sector.

Therefore, the new place of business represents for BUCCHI s.r.l. a more step torwards the internationalization with the aim to increase the visibility and reinforce the competitive company position in the north-african market network by promoting his own product lines, especially tech evolution system.

Particularly suited to markets focused on water as primary good,  tech evolution  is a PP-R Polypropylene pipes and fittings system recommended for hot and cold water adduction within plumbing and heating system, for potable water and liquids human consumption conveyance and for industry and civil construction systems.

Bucchi’s showroom in Rabat, accompained by Tèmara warehouse, just few miles from the place of business, constantly extended and stocked, represents an important platform always in contact with the italian staff, able to turn to moroccan market: from installation, construction and real estate promotion companies to designers and final consumers.

25th May 2017

An important business reliability recognition


Last March 22th Bucchi srl received “CRIBIS Prime Company”, the official recognition that certifies the maximum reliability quote level for a company. The award is emitted by CRIBIS D&B, an hightly specialized organization with strong business information competences, born from a strategic alliance between CRIF S.P.A, european leader in credit information and decision support, and Dun & Bradstreet, global leader in business information field, a 175 years experienced company which have access to information about over 250 million company all over the world.

A kind of super partes judge able to value a company economic reliability, even and especially about solvency. That in order to help companies to limit as much as possible credit and commercial risks in relationships with costumers and other companies.

Certification is released according to many variables as the seniority, the balance sheed datas and the payment experiences: in fact, parameters are assessed basing on the CRIBIS D&B rating, a dynamic index constantly updated for the business reliability measuring.

Bucchi has been confirmed a constantly growing company, from a certification standpoint too, with high seriousness and reliability benchmarks. These parameters are extremely relevants in such a complex historic moment, both from an economic and  acommercial point of view.

7th April 2017

Agents meeting 2017: a new approach


The first meeting for company Agents, Area and Sales Responsibles has take place on April 6th and the 7th at Tatì Hotel in Lugo.

 During this important event, Domenico Bucchi, Executive Director, and Roberto Marino, Italy Account Manager, shared the company mission and its foundamental values with all their collaborators, aiming at a new emotional market approach.

 The basis of these two days meeting have been the willingness to generate approval towards the company, involving and motivating its employers by sharing BUCCHI’s aims.

 The principal addressed issues have been focused on the necessity to value emotions in order to reinforce relationships and to have a global vision on trends and new market needs.

The ultimate goal is to manage sales network methodically and with creativity, besides and supporting the traditional marketing techniques.

 These two days involved 15 professional sales agents. At the end of the training course, they had the possibility to visit the company productive departments, knowing the staff and the management.

Bucchi launches the new Quick Joins



It is a specific professional fitting that allows innovative installation

Easy to use: one person with traditional tools makes installation in any location of the tank in about 3 seconds

Versatility: it can be applied to tanks for different applications

See the video for more details


Quick Connector PATENTED – Made in Italy

Senza nome Senza nome 2



 Bucchi launches the new BDFast® COMPACT



They are professional PP compression and quick fittings, compact and easy to use with a wide versatility of use

BDFast® permits fast connection of pipes avoiding the traditional metal clamp and with high performs

Follow the link for more information



0102530                      0102557_QUICK