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Stepped hose nozzles with GAS thread

MODEL CODE: 0400754


Connectivity standard:
Bucchi srl for pipe fittings adopts as standard connection ISO 228/1; in order to improve hydraulic seal has decided to create its own internal regulations, based on a soft conical thread. Therefore it is noted that to ensure the hydraulic seal declared
External thread GAS cylindrical ISO 228/1
Hose connector DN
Polypropylene (PP)
Black (RAL 9011)
Operating pressure:
6 bar at 20°C
Max working temperature:
The maximum tightening torques specified for fittings Bucchi depend on the compliance of the threads that reference to international specifications on the threads.

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STEPPED STRAIGHT HOSE NOZZLE for DN-DN(1)-DN(2) hoses - with male threaded end G1 with place to fit O-ringwith male threaded G1end G1
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