QJ®, the plug-in hose connector for tanks MF

QJ®, the plug-in hose connector for tanks MF

A new range extension for Quick Joints®, the professional and patented Bucchi hose that, among its specific features, has speed, simplicity and versatility. Thanks to its ease of use, QJ® can be grafted directly from the outside on tanks walls in only 3 seconds by a single person, without the need for maintenance, welding, sealants or internal lock nuts.

The recent range extension of Quick Joints® with body extent in polypropilene and EPDN, NBR, VITON seals, allows to have a female passing thread over the traditional male thread on exit from tank. The female passing thread allows an easy clutch of floats and junctions within the tank. On body connector there also is a key plug with who is possible to prevent connector anti-rotation during the graft of male component into reduced female thread.
The range extension confirms QJ® as an highly innovative product, resistant and safe for any usage environment, with a performing design which guarantees hydraulic sealing until 4 bar.

Range: 2”x1”1/2 – 1”1/2×1”1/4 – 1”1/4×1”  – 1”x3/4”  – 3/4″x1/2”  – 1/2″x3/8”
Discover all advantages and characteristics of professional specific connector QJ®  watching the video!