Range innovations: suction kits for water collection

Range innovations: suction kits for water collection

New expansion for BDFast®, the brand of fittings for the highly innovative and patented BUCCHI branded quick hose jointing. The work of our highly qualified team and the research always directed at designing innovative products has led BUCCHI s.r.l. to introduce new suction kits for water collection.

1.1m long and with a 30mm pipe diameter, the innovative compression fittings for hoses BDFast® are perfect for the use of the suction KITS in collection tanks, water treatment, recovery and rain water collection systems.

The use of BDFast® branded polypropylene fittings offers many advantages: avoiding the use of the metal clamp, they are maintenance free, as oxidation cannot occur.

The new suction KITS are available in the version with a professional foot valve in POM with steel filter and float ball, or without valve and only with technopolymer filter.

Thanks to the excellent characteristics and to the numerous advantages in using suction in the water collection market, including excellent reliability, the most important pipe manufacturers in Italy already use the new kits.