Appropriate responses to any kind of needs


The technological research of Bucchi is growth-oriented, both in a business development and also in a metaphorical sense, by understanding the needs of the market in order to keep up with the future.



2000 The original

The polyamide PA 66 fittings offer the real replacement to the use of metal.



All users who decided to replace metal fittings with technopolymers products are fully satisfied. They have used our fittings for jointing applications, for connecting pipes to pumps for rainwater, sewage, foul waste water, water containing mud or sand.


L40004000 Outdoor & Gardening

The 4000 line polypropylene (pp) FITTINGS with GAS and TUBE thread are actually a solution for the users needs, to find products that otherwise had to ensure independently .

The fittings are the ideal solution for underground irrigation systems in gardens , parks and agriculture .

The components from line 4000 and 2000 are the ideal solution in many fields of application , industrial , gardening , agriculture to the demands of joints, connections of pumps tubes, machinery – equipment where there’s liquid circulation.

This is just one of the reasons why the 2000 line components developed over years of in-depth knowledge and experience acquired in Europe continue reaping greater and greater success.


8000The 8000 line polypropylene fittings are the alternative to be PVC free.

The 8000 line components provide the ideal solution in several industrial applications regarding coupling and connection wherever hot, food processing, or corrosive liquids are used.





The 7000 line provides the ideal solution to the needs of coupling and connection whenever hot, food-processing or corrosive liquids are used in chemical industry applications.






The polypropylene and acetal resin ball valves in the 3000 line are also an alternative to the use of metal for wine-making applications. The versatility of these products makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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