Health-friendly: the hose is jointed without any cold chemical welding (bonding), so no adhesive/glueing product is used.

 Safe jointing of PVC hose to skimmer and rapid installation.

 Reliability: the connection of BDFAST® POOL as against the usual PP and PVC compression fittings, causes a tiny cut on the hose surface thus preventing any possible breaking points.

 Reliable hydraulic tightness: the special gasket perfectly matches any other hose profile, it has a high compensation power to

hose deformation and to thermal expansion and assures tightness in time.

Reliable mechanical tightness: the inner hose nozzle is an essential part, which is not present on the usual compression fittings, and it gives stiffness to the joint, which backs up the hose as a double wall in the side, in the point of mechanical seal, and prevents hose yielding and slip-out.

 Long life: the special formulation of the raw materials employed ensures possibility of use in areas with high chlorine concentration.

 Shorter assembly and testing times as compared to bonded joints.

 A right placing of hose is possible even if vertical, thanks to the sliding ring nut with threaded female connection, chiefly in the elbow.

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