BUCCHI has its headquarters in Italy with its production premises.

  • General Management, Business Management
  • Sales Management
  • Technical Dept. and Forwarding Office

The Sales Department

On the markets we cover, we avail ourselves of a network of experienced Agents, who are supported by our Sales Manager or by an Area Manager; in some cases, sales are direct.


We are convinced that one of the keys for the success of our activity is based on the widest technical support given to our customers, information about construction features of our products, both as concerns quality and simple use, energy savings and protection of the environment. At Bucchi we have created a team of experienced engineers who, thanks to their extensive technical formation, can show what the Bucchi products can do to make work simple for the customers who are involved in design, production, manufacture of machines and equipment and installation of plants and systems.Supporto_tecnico


Market Approach

A clear communication given to the market is a necessary key for our success, from advertising campaigns aimed, a clear presentation of the products and consultancy concerning their applications.

A satisfied and faithful customer is our real resource; to reward our customers we must be able to understand their needs and insert them into our planning, and focus our energies on this target.


Logistic Service

Last but not least our Logistic office provides a service in a very flexible way, offering the best transport and conditions to our clients necessities. The company can afford a really good time from the order to the deliver, being on time, fast and sure that your goods will be shipped in a high level of quality standard, using the appropriate boxes material to which type of product it’s this office priority.


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