Our quest for improvement, day after day

Our quest for improvement, day after day

For over 40 years we have been a benchmark in the sector of fittings and components for farming, gardening, industry, heating and air-conditioning, boating.
Given our expertise in the sector we provide customised technical solutions suited to the specific needs of our customers, with flexible offers of products and services.
Our mission is to redefine the boundaries and contents of the fittings and pipe-fitting systems market for:
● handling of fluids and related heat conduction;
● the transport of air, exhaust gases, fumes;
● the transport of granular materials and powders.

Always focused on providing new technical solutions to our customers and partners, BUCCHI S.r.l moves within a dynamic and constantly evolving market, to always keep up with development and innovation, ensuring customization, quality and flexibility.

Just like many other companies, in the last year and half, we have found ourselves in a difficult situation, which is unfortunately continuing, due to the pandemic and the current economic and political situation.
In recent months we have seen unprecedented increases in the costs of raw materials, which have caused a supply shortage, delayed delivery schedules, and an increase in pending orders.
Despite these difficulties BUCCHI S.r.l. has decided to invest in continuous production improvement, always focusing on innovation and development.
We have concentrated business investments in the production sector, with the purchase of additional tools that include a new press fleet and enhancement of existing machinery. Development and investment in people continue: aiming at new resources, an increase in recruitment and the ongoing training of workers is the only way we can guarantee consistent production programmes, 24 hours a day six days a week.

We are convinced that this difficult situation can be transformed into growth and development, maintaining the loyalty and appreciation of our clients that has always been our hallmark. We believe that activating continuous cycles of efficiency and quality improvement are the key to grasping changes, increasingly making them our own.


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