There is a new brochure dedicated to the gardening sector coming

There is a new brochure dedicated to the gardening sector coming

BUCCHI Srl has evolved, organising itself into units for design, mould construction, production and distribution of fittings, pipes and valves in thermoplastic material, becoming increasingly modern and competitive. To date, the need and the desire to be increasingly present on the market serving as a point of reference for our customers, drives us to deepen our knowledge, renew ourselves and specialise. For this reason, we have decided to create a new Brochure, currently under development, dedicated to the gardening sector.

What are the advantages of Polypropylene PP compared to traditional PVC?

• wider operating temperature range
• superior mechanical resistance
• superior bending resistance

The advantages of fittings in Polyamide PA 66 compared to brass are:

• lightness, though maintaining excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics
• corrosion resistance
• resistance to atmospheric agents
• total non-toxicity

We would like to be a reference point for customers who operate in the Gardening sector, specifically for applications in submersible electric pumps, pump-filter systems for garden ponds or aquariums, natural or artificial swimming pools, fountains, filters, waterfalls and water treatment equipment for ponds.

The new brochure dedicated to gardening will be out shortly and published on our website, in the download section with all our catalogues. In the meantime, here is a preview of the cover!


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