Towards a new market: the new Marine Components catalogue

Towards a new market: the new Marine Components catalogue

Specialised in the design and production of fittings and pipefitting systems in thermoplastic material using cutting-edge technologies, for over 40 years BUCCHI S.r.l has been geared to the innovation and expansion of its product range towards heterogeneous and diversified sectors.
A strategy oriented towards the future, which aims at specialization and expansion of the range for the different reference markets. From this line comes the approach to a new market, that of boating, for which the company is developing the new Marine Components catalog.

Giacomo Bucchi, Business Development: “this catalogue wants to communicate to our clients that BUCCHI S.r.l has definitively decided to take on a new market, that of the nautical world, with a range of niche products that are exclusive and dedicated to specific applications”.

The most significant innovations deal with the multi-way reduced hose connectors in PP and the straight or T fittings. There is a new range of multi-way hose connector fittings (T, Y, straight, curved and cross) in acetal resin POM for conditioning.

Distribution manifolds completely in polypropylene (PP) dedicated to the nautical sector: manifolds for the hot and cold-water ITS distribution system, for the delivery of wastewater and the recirculation of seawater in the machines for conditioning.

An important part of the catalogue is dedicated to the valves and through-hulls in technopolymer certified BUREAU VERITAS for naval use above and below the waterline.

Our tech evolution® e tech HIDRAULICO® lines complete the catalogue with certification RINA dedicated to the on-board systems for hot and cold water and the innovative systems under our brand, such as the BDFast® to connect the hoses without the use of tools and the QJ® for fast connections in on-board tanks. A constantly developing innovation, as the company is studying a further expansion of the range, with through-hull and filters dedicated to the nautical sector.