Quick hose jointing

The traditional hose fitting for liquids, known in the market as a passive element of connection, is evolving towards a new active joints thanks to the combination of special attacks plug and several patented tightening mechanisms, rapid hose junction providing the pipe fixing.



BDFast® is developed by Bucchi, it permits fast connection of pipes eliminating the traditional hose clamp and combines product quality with simple use.



The BDFast® system is particularly flexible because it consists of different versions, always supplied in pre-assembled configuration BDFast® (PN 10), BDFast® POOL, BDFast® CORRUGATED, BDFast® PRESS.

BDFast® is a highly innovative product. It was designed by a qualified team of engineers and thanks to its patented systems.

BDFast® represents the new generation of quick jointing fittings for hoses, as it combines high quality and simple use.

BDFast® (PN10) is based on a system using new technology, both as concerns hydraulic tightness and hose jointing without using the traditional hose clamp.

The BDFast ® (PN10) compression hose nozzles of Polypropylene have typical characteristics: minimal reduction of hose DN and good flow rate, suitable to face the various requirements of plant designers, as to suction, delivery, transportation of liquids in general.

The BDFast® products are meant for the most demanding users, who require reliability and performance.

The BDFast® POOL version, specific fitting for hose with spiral in plastified PVC with “pool” shockproof rigid PVC reinforcement spiral, is the ideal solution for fixed installations, for the supply and recirculation of water in underground pools, for recirculation in hydromassage pools and for the connection of hoses in pump-filter units.

The BDFast ® CORRUGATED version, specific fitting for section able corrugated PP – PE hose, is the ideal solution for the supply and recirculation in surface pools and for the connection of hoses in pump-filter units, capable of satisfying all needs for reliability and quick installation. Jointing to be done as described under Connection standards.


Specific UNIONS
The adapters and the different sets of fittings are accessories for IBC tanks. Those solution are ideal to connecting tanks, racking and interception liquids.

OEM technical solutions
Hoses fittings for suction and delivery, in pipelines for various liquids, BDFast fittings are used in technical solutions to customers and OEM order management

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