Hydraulic systems

9000tech evolution® is a system made up of a set of components that offer numerous uses in different applications: systems, plumbing, air conditioning, traditional heating, industrial, compressed air.

Hot and cold water installations, e.g.: in private houses, hospitals, hotels, public buildings, schools, naval constructions.

The plant starts from the primary connection of the building, down to the last drawing point both in civil industrial buildings.

The large range of diameters (16 to 160 mm) enables installation in large buildings. Connection to equipment and the transport of: high temperature liquids, chemicals, liquid foods and drinking water. It is an installation requirement that can be satisfied with the use of the tech evolution system.

tech evolution system have been created to be a substitute of metal using for transporting and distributing drinking and hot water for household use and hot and cold water for industrial use.


L_51_3tech HIDRAULICO system is a system consisting of a series of components that offers multiple uses in different applications: water supply, cold water accumulation on the building, plumbing, residential irrigation, in parks, in greenhouses.

tech evolution system, constitutes the real alternative to metal for the transport and distribution of drinking water and hot water for domestic uses and hot and cold water use for industrial use, just as the tech HIDRAULICO for cold water.

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