Bureau Veritas Certification: what is it?

Bureau Veritas Certification: what is it?

Bureau Veritas is a French company, recognised worldwide, specialised in assessment and risk analysis regarding quality, environment, health, safety, and social responsibility.

The certification it issues is a global guarantee and accredited with more than sixty international bodies to be able to offer its elevated inspection, verification, and certification services in any country.

Bureau Veritas Certification is of the utmost importance for companies as it allows them to access new and thriving markets, consolidating their reputation, positioning themselves as synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and quality in their activities.

It certifies conformity of all the management systems, services and human resources examined against specific quality standards, but it is precisely in the maritime and naval sector that it is particularly prestigious at international level.

It is precisely for this reason that we can proudly state that all our valves, designed and produced for the maritime sector, comply with the conformity tests of Bureau Veritas, and follow the regulations for the classification of metal ships, offshore units, and yachts.

For us it is a real source of satisfaction to be able to offer all our customers the top of the range for this specific sector, ever-expanding and of foremost importance to Bucchi.

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