Systems for hydraulics

The articles contain cadmium, lead, mercury and chromium?
Cadmium, lead, mercury and chromium not enter into the chemical composition of the raw materials used by us routinely.

The “tech evolution” system is compatible, as regards the jointing technique, with the other systems PP-R present on the market?
The articles of the “tech-evolution” are compatible with respect to the joining method with the items PP-R of the other systems on the market.

The “tech-evolution” system is suitable for use on ships?
Yes. The “tech-evolution” system is suitable for use on ships according n.MAC160514CS RINA certification.
Altersì the system has stood the test of aptitude for limited flame spread (in accordance with ASTM 635) so it can be installed on ships.

What happens if they are not complied with melting times of pipe and fitting? The quality of the joint may be compromised?
It is advisable to respect the times indicated in the technical catalog, because if the melting time is greater than that shown, may deteriorate the material and also is in an excessive way obstructs the hole of the fitting step, as it has an excess of molten material. Conversely, if the time is less than that indicated in the table, do not have a good junction between the pipe and the fitting as the material has not reached an adequate fusion.

It must realize a recycling network with the pipe PP-R in a sanitary water system. And ‘necessary to insulate the recycling network?
For the 10/1991 Law on energy conservation, it is necessary to insulate the pipes with insulating material recycling. Normally the tubes are insulated with insulating material so that it is not dissipated more than 15% of the heat that would be lost if the tube was naked.

Having to make a heating system you want to know if the “tech-evolution” system PP-R complies with the inter-ministerial decree of 22 January 2008, 37?
The Decree 37/2008 concerns “the safety standards of the plants”. Installer firm’s task to provide the declaration of conformity of the plants built. The installation firms are required to run the plant using materials and components made according to current standards (in this case, the articles meet the German DIN standards that are the adjacent Italian UNI). The Decree 37/2008 which replaced the now historic the 46/1990 law therefore relates to the installation company and the finished plant and not individual items used.

The electric couplings with such electric welding machines are compatible?
Our electric couplings are compatible with electro fusion type Ritmo machines (Von Roll or similar).
Your welding sleeves are compatible with what? Our welding machines are compatible with electrical polypropylene sleeves (Ø 20-110mm) Pn 10-25 type Rollmaplast

What can happen if the pipes and fittings of the tech-evolution System PP-R are installed in direct sunlight?
PP-R is a particularly sensitive material to UV rays, so it is not recommended for long exposure to sunlight. For this reason, they must never be installed and stored so that they can undergo direct action of sunlight. The polypropylene, like all the substances of organic nature, is subject to phenomena of oxidation and degradation by atmospheric oxygen to effect and the effect of direct sunlight. It has therefore a phenomenon of aging of the material, which causes a chemical degradation phenomena of surface cracking. To make it more resistant PP UV, it is added a stabilizing additive that protects the product. The effect of this additive is limited in time (lasting approximately 6 months). The installation on the roof is not recommended even if protected with a layer of insulating material.

How do I connect the system PP-R apartment with galvanized pipes of the main column and the previous installation? Instead of the stop tap I want to use a normal tap brass how can I do this junction?
There are problems for the connection of the plant in the optional polypropylene with galvanized pipes and installation of the column. The tech evolution system applies in the fields of the new installation, repair and restoration. For this purpose they are available the passage of sleeves with threaded metal insert. There are no problems to replace the stop tap with two passage sleeves with threaded metal insert and a normal brass faucet, taking into account that the junction for thread cutting is to be performed correctly in order to avoid unwanted leakage under-track.

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