A new range of ball valves certified BUREAU VERITAS for the nautical sector

A new range of ball valves certified BUREAU VERITAS  for the nautical sector

The search for new solutions and the expansion of the offer and products dedicated to the nautical sector continues, a market on which BUCCHI S.r.l. has decided to focus on since early 2021: exclusive niche products dedicated to specific applications.
This line is joined by the new polypropylene manual ball valves reinforced with special glass fibres, dedicated to sea water systems and to fresh water, white and grey water systems. The new valves that feature a compact design and BSP threads (GAS) ISO 228/1 are certified for nautical use, so they conform to the BUREAU VERITAS tests according to the regulations for the classification of steel ships, offshore units and yachts.
Recognition of the quality standards by the BUREAU VERITAS Group, world leader in control, verification and certification services for quality, environment, health and safety, is particularly significant because it confirms the quality and the expertise of BUCCHI S.r.l. in all phases of design, production and realization of company products.
The new range of valves comprises three models: on-line, three-way and 90°angle; the latter is particularly important and innovative for the nautical sector, as it is a geometry that has no competition and is highly appreciated by the market. One of the key advantages of the ball valves Compact model, together with lightweight, compliance with guaranteed standards and the ease with which they are secured by basic hydraulic sealant adhesive, is the reduced vertical height when the valves are connected to the through-hulls, especially for corner and 3-way models. Discover all the features of the new ball valves by downloading the Marine Components catalog!