Nova eT 220: the new press is synonymous with excellence made in Italy

Nova eT 220: the new press is synonymous with excellence made in Italy

Satisfying customers and meeting their needs is our strength and leads us to devise and find the best opportunities for those who confidently choose us every day; in return, we invest in the excellence offered by the market.
We are proud to welcome the arrival of the new NOVA eT 220 press model: precise, efficient and fast.

This electric injection machine ensures excellent energy saving, up to 80% higher than conventional fully hydraulic presses, and succeeds in guaranteeing reduced cycle times.

Its significant features include a control system with Varan ethernet protocol, readiness for the AMICO 4.0 wireless system for full remote assistance and TACTUM, the MULTI TOUCH screen which includes a full range of numerous control parameters.
We have availed ourselves of the consolidated and esteemed collaboration of Negri and Bossi, our long-standing suppliers, for many years. They have proven to be a guarantee for the principles that guide them on innovation and technology. Passionately and full of determination, we study and develop the spread of Industry 4.0, supporting the quality and perfection of excellence made in Italy in all our products.

Industry 4.0 is at the heart of today’s industrial evolution and the basis of the technological transformation which moves all sectors of the economy, making processing and production automated and interconnected.

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